Why We Need Your Help

To be able to offer the services that we do, and to continue supporting children, young people and their families who are desperately in need of our help, we require sustained funding and ongoing financial support.  We, and the families that we support are incredibly grateful for the generous support that we continue to receive, but unfortunately, there is always a need for more!

PASIC ensures that your donations go directly to supporting families.  Because we are primarily run by volunteers, our overheads are exceptionally low, ensuring that the funds donated to us make the maximum difference to those they are intended for.

YOUR help is needed to ensure we can continue our fantastic work, to help those that currently need our services and those that, unfortunately, we know will come to need it in the future.

You can help these families by ensuring PASIC has the vital funds needed to keep providing support, financial help and much needed days out.  By raising funds for PASIC you can not only ensure that we continue to exist but you can also help to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

£7.50 ...will buy a Christmas Present for a child or young person at our annual Christmas Party

£20.00 ...will pay for a day out at a theme park for a child or young person

£100.00 ...will help towards a family's travel costs to hospital for treatments

£1,000.00 ...will pay for 55 children to enjoy a day out at a Theme Park

£2,500.00 ...will help PASIC organise our annual Christmas party for the whole family to enjoy