Our History

PASIC was set up as the Parents’ Association for Seriously Ill Children in 1977 by a hospital consultant and parents to meet the needs of families dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of a child with cancer.  They felt that whilst children were receiving the very best care from staff in hospital, additional support was needed for parents and families dealing with the devastating impact of childhood cancer, an impact which affects the whole family.  This group of parents, with the help of staff at Nottingham Children's Hospital, set up a self-help group to support others in the same situation facing treatment for childhood cancer.  This pioneering group has developed over the years to become PASIC as our charity is known today.

As a parent led organisation PASIC have adapted its support to meet the individual needs of parents, young people and children.  We understand there is nothing more heartbreaking than hearing the news that your child has cancer, news  that turns your whole world upside down.  We understand  and have experience of the many issues parents and children have to face on a day to day basis.  We’re here to help parents cope and offer a lifeline to families facing a traumatic time.

For nearly 40 years PASIC have helped hundreds of children at Nottingham Children’s hospital and currently support over 250 families.  Sadly these numbers continue to grow on a weekly basis.