How PASIC Can Help

The news that your child is suffering from a life threatening illness such as cancer can turn your world upside down in a moment.  We, at PASIC, believe that parents, children and young people should not feel alone on this most difficult journey, that you should feel supported and have somewhere to turn to when you need help, advice or just somebody to talk to. 

We believe that children and young people should not be made to feel any different to their peers, that they should have the same chances as other children and we provide opportunities to build support networks, friendships and confidence.  PASIC currently support over 200 families, and whereas many organisations only support the child with the illness - WE are different, we allow families to maintain their bond, providing a relaxed atmosphere where no one is considered different and families can enjoy a much needed day out where they can forget about hospital visits and treatments without the worry of cost.

PASIC's support covers three main areas;

Financial Help

PASIC offers financial support in the form of a grant, given to help families with additional costs which come about as a direct result of the child's illness.  Help is given to pay bills such as additional heating, increased phone bills, laundry or travel expenses.  Considerations is also given to requests for specific items that are deemed necessary due to restrictions caused by a child's illness.

If you are having financial difficulties and would like to apply for a PASIC grant, please contact Joanna, our Family Support Worker on 07874 223462 or send an email

Social Events and Activities

PASIC organise a variety of social occasions, activities and outings throughout the year for the whole family.  Days out are an extremely effective way of bringing families together in what can be an extremely difficult period.  Our events are organised to help you meet other families or catch up with friends you’ve made in hospital whilst providing a fun day out with your family.  We hope that you can build important support networks, share experiences and advice all in a relaxed atmosphere.

We also organise activity days out for young people and teenage patients, these events help to build the children's confidence, aspirations, self esteem, increase social skills, improve choice, confidence and independence. Our activities involve including survivors of such conditions, which provides the children with a role model as well as hope and aspirations for their future. Our trips provide mutual support in an informal and enjoyable setting, which provides the chance to discuss practical and emotional issues.
All our events and outings are fully funded by PASIC for the whole family to enjoy, we focus on bringing the whole family together during what can be an extremely difficult period.

Support & Signposting

Our Family Support Worker offers one to one support at the hospital, Joanna attends clinics throughout the week and is available to visit you on the ward.  PASIC also run a monthly support group alongside CLIC Sargent on the first Thursday of every month at 7.30pm at Billy’s House. 

We are here to offer emotional and practical help and will do our best listen to any concerns and offer practical advice.  We can help with directing you to the right person to receive the right support.