Fundraise for PASIC

Corporate Fundraising

Go skydiving!Encourage your staff and customers to do something amazing for PASIC!  There are many ways you can fundraise, helping to meet your CSR goals and engaging your customers.  We offer a proactive and enthusiastic approach ensuring that partnerships achieve set objectives and exceed targets we can develop relevant programs to suit your business needs.  By choosing to support PASIC on a one off basis or as a charity partnership you can help to benefit children and young people in your local community.

Challenge Yourself

Snowdonia 2013Are you looking for something to aim for to get you motivated and challenge yourself?  Then why not do it for PASIC? There are hundreds of events throughout the UK and beyond that will not only push you to your limits but help you to raise money through sponsorship. Taking part in an event is a great way to raise money and get fit, you could even encourage your friends, family or colleagues to join you!

PASIC are registered on the following online giving sites:

Community Fundraising

PASIC H-StockWhether you want to go it alone or fundraise with friends, we're delighted to have the support of our local communities.  You don't have to organise something extravagant or expensive, many of our fundraisers hold small events such as; open gardens or family fun days, the possibilities are never ending and we have lots of ideas for you!  Fundraising with your group, university, college or friends not only helps to raise much needed funds for PASIC but also helps to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

Fundraise with your school

Your school can help by organising fundraising activities for PASIC throughout the year.  Encouraging pupils to fundraise can help them learn about charity and help to engage them in positive experiences.  Fundraising events also make a great project for children, encouraging them to work together as a team and helping to engage them with their local community is a great learning experience.

We have lots of fundraising ideas for you and whatever you decide we are here to support you with your fundraising, why not try some of ideas listed in the document below?